Spark workshops

FutureSpark Coaching offers a choice of workshops for groups / teams and the public using a vibrant mix of coaching and positive psychology.

Fusing different ways of engaging such as story, film, conversation and fun group exercises, Spark workshops are designed to be fun, thought-provoking and interactive.

All workshops have been adapted for virtual delivery.

From Seat to Floor public speaking workshop

Whether presenting an idea, pitching for business or simply giving a talk on request, communicating in front of a group is a core skill for life and work.

​This interactive workshop covers all the foundational skills you need for delivering a talk or presentation in a step-by-step guide to increase your confidence to speak in public.

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How long are the workshops?

All workshops can be flexibly offered as:

  • a one-hour ‘lunchtime takeaway’ taster
  • an energising half-day workshop
  • an in-depth one-day workshop

To check booking availability and to find out more click on the button below or contact Maire on 07704 507 485 or email or use our contact form below.

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