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Never has resilience been so vital to our wellbeing and performance at work in a fast-changing world of uncertainty.

We can support you and your organisation will all things resilience.

The perfect resilience coaching solution for your biggest challenges

FutureSpark Coaching is an accredited practitioner of the most cutting-edge and specialist Resilience at Work (R@W) coaching model.

As a proud member of the global R@W Community of Practice coaching community, we offer the most researched and impactful coaching model to build personal, team and team leader resilience at work.

For personal resilience coaching

Resilience is deeply personal.  What might be a challenge at work for one person is not for another.  With our rich range of personal resilience coaching tools, personal assessment and resources, you can practically transform and build your own resilience.

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For organisational resilience coaching

We understand what creates sustainable work practices and resilience in challenging jobs and difficult times.

We provide validated tools to measure resilience and strategies to build the resilience of your employees, teams and leaders in a way that creates optimal performance and personal wellbeing.

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More about the unique Resilience at Work coaching model

The Resilience at Work coaching model was developed by the global consortium Working With Resilience. Established in 2010, WWR aimed to help people stay productive and well in work environments that were turbulent, complex and pressurised.

In a COVID-19 world, almost all work now meets these criteria, making resilience a critical, rather than a desirable, attribute.

FutureSpark Coaching is part of this  international consortium of practitioners and academics who have combined our skills and experience to determine how best to build workforce resilience.

Our shared vision is creating work environments where people perform optimally while staying well. To achieve this we have developed practical evidence based measures and resources that help embed sustainable work practices.

Katheryn McEwen, organisational psychologist and Global Consortium Lead explains more about Resilience at Work coaching model.

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