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The perfect solution to build your resilience

Our Resilience at Work coaching package to help you through

Which of these impact your resilience at work most?

  • Having to do more with less?
  • Feeling overwhelmed faced with competing pressures?
  • Balancing work and life demands?
  • Dealing with unexpected challenges and curveballs?
  • Constant change in your role / industry?
  • Difficult colleagues?
  • Lack of leadership support?
  • Isolation from your team?
  • Uncertainty about the future?

How to build your resilience at work

Our coaching package has 3 easy steps to help you feel in control again:

  • An accredited and holistic online Resilience at Work assessment to benchmark you across the seven key elements and giving you powerful insights into your personal resilience
  • A personalised resilience report that is easily translated into practical, positive actions you can make in your life and work
  • Two dedicated coaching sessions to develop your unique resilience plan and equip you with all the tools you need to be feel pro-active and in control moving forward.

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Your coaching package starts with a complimentary coaching introduction to learn more about your challenges and what is important to you to strengthen your resilience.

This all-inclusive package of £195 also offers flexible payment options.

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Understanding Your Resilience at Work E-book

Finding a sense of purpose or discovering a new sense of purpose in times of sudden change is just one of the many things which impact on your resilience in your work life.

Download your e-book here to equip yourself with a real understanding of the many factors which impact on your resilience at work. It’s the first step to being pro-active in developing yours…

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