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From Seat to Floor workshop – what it can do for you

If you are haunted by a presentation or talk to a group which went wrong for you in the past or just feel genuinely nervous about talking in front of people and want to overcome this, our workshop is for you!

How we communicate can define us in so many situations in our lives. Learning to speak in public in front of any group is one of the most effective ways of building your overall confidence in yourself for life and work.

What you will gain from this workshop

Your workshop facilitators Maire and Stephen will take you through an accessible, entertaining and anxiety calming step-by-step journey on how to prepare and deliver a speech or presentation with confidence.

Jam-packed full of practical guidance, we guarantee you will end the morning wanting to move from your seat to the floor to speak for yourself.

Workshop content

In our From Seat to Floor workshop we will cover the core fundamentals of speaking:

  • Preparing your speech, knowing your audience and how to plan ahead
  • Structuring your speech content to flow for impact for any occasion
  • Enhancing your delivery with a range of invaluable speaking tips
  • Having strong and effective body language
  • Managing nerves and other gremlins common to speaking in public
  • Motivating your mindset to want to speak with top coaching techniques

​This will be a fun and interactive workshop.

In our virtual workshop format you’ll also get a chance to try out techniques you have learned during webinar in this safe group space.

You will also have our From Seat to Floor ebook to take away as a go-to guide for your public speaking.

To access our workshop…
Public workshop webinars

To take your public speaking skills to the next level, you can book into public workshop webinars.

To book your place to our next workshop webinar, check our Eventbrite link.

Booking for teams / groups

Our virtual workshops can be flexibly tailored to suit any group.

When all of us are working and living at a distance, communication and presentation skills have never been so important.

To organise an online workshop for a group or team, contact Maire on or call Maire 07704 507485 today.

Individual / small group public speaking coaching

You may have a big presentation, virtual event or an online promotion where you want your speaking skills to excel.

For these occasions, our clients have really benefited from coaching as it is all about you and tailored very specifically to what you need.

​We will coach you through all stages of that all-important talk from your context, your ideas through to a rehearsal giving you detailed and insightful feedback and tips so you can give it your absolute best.

From our coaching, you will feel that you have covered all bases to step up confidently knowing that you have done all that you can to get the results you want.

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Your From Seat to Floor Facilitators

From Seat to Floor is facilitated by the energetic collaboration of FutureSpark Coaching Director Maire Grattan and Stephen Morrow.

When it comes to public speaking, Stephen and Maire walk the talk. Regularly speaking and presenting workshops, Maire and Stephen are also public speaking competition winners.

Both have also had that stomach-churning fear of public speaking so know only too well how that feels.

From their experience of and passion for speaking, Maire and Stephen want to share with you the knowledge, mindset and practical know-how which will positively change how you approach public speaking forever.

What people say

Our ‘why’ is to positively change how you feel about public speaking.

What you want to say is important to you and nothing gives us more joy than to see you say it well and confidently with the skills you gain from us.

To hear more about the difference From Seat to Floor has made for other people, click here.

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