From Seat to Floor – testimonials

Real people sharing their experience of this unique public speaking workshop

Written testimonials

‘I loved the points on how to structure a speech and break it down. The workbooks were great. The practical work was fantastic. The facilitators were brilliant and it was very relaxed, comfortable. The style of delivery was fun and informative. It felt at ease. I’ve learned a lot for confidence. I loved all of it!’
K Stewart

‘Loved the practical tips, the examples and the open and honest accounts from you guys. It was great. Having this knowledge is so key to confidence. Can’t wait to put it into practice. Honestly, I wish I had attended this years ago.’
A Cunningham

‘This was interactive and helped me to identify key areas I need to work on. Great information. Stephen and Maire are very knowledgeable and approachable. Excellent skills passed on and clear to see their passion.’
L Moinagh

‘I was made to feel more confident and at ease. I learned a lot of tools to take away and apply. Valuable content that can enhance you as a speaker.’
S Fox

‘Light-hearted, very relatable and had the realisation that it’s not such a terrible thing to give a speech. It helped take the fear out of speaking in front of a room of people.’
C Martin

‘The reason I would recommend this others is because it was brilliant.’
J Rodgers

‘I enjoyed being in a room with people who have similar issues to myself about giving presentations or having confidence in delivering and not feeling mocked or silly but supported. This workshop will help you build confidence and get real advice on presentation skills in an environment which is comfortable and supportive.’
N Johnson

‘This was a really safe and very supportive environment. Great pace of workshop and well-scheduled. Really useful information and tools to take away to use. Practical confidence building.’
​A Wood

‘Very engaging, relaxed and practical, applicable advice.’
J McDaid

‘So human, so relatable and so practical. You get the chance to practice public speaking in a relaxed setting.’
P Martin

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