Facilitation and public speaking

How we can help with your key meetings and events

Professional and expert facilitation for both virtual and in-person gatherings

Making your events and meetings engaging

We’ve all been in those unproductive meetings or lacklustre events where you think about those hours of your life that you will never get back.

Whether you are investing time together as a team, department, organisation or with your stakeholders at an important meeting or a large public consultation event, effective facilitation is key to success. FutureSpark Coaching’s facilitation takes the worry and pressure of you in organising key meetings or stakeholder events.

External facilitation can really make a difference to ensure that your meeting or event is:

  • well-planned and running to time
  • interactive and involves attendees
  • energising and worthwhile

Independent external facilitation also provides participants – particularly for more emotive or challenging topics of discussion – with the reassurance that all views will be facilitated and voices heard.


Bringing the ‘human touch’ to virtual facilitation

Covid has thrust all of us into a virtual, online world of Zoom or MS Team meetings.  So to avoid that feeling of disconnect as you stare at tiny tiles of faces, never has engaging online facilitation been so important.

FutureSpark Coaching with extensive experience of facilitating events online ensures through our thoughtful design, vibrant and welcoming facilitation style and use of online interaction approaches that your attendees will feel part of your meeting or event.


How we work with you to facilitate great meetings

We will attentively work with you to learn about the context of your meeting in advance:

  • why your gathering is important for you
  • the key issues you want it to cover
  • learn more about your stakeholders / attendees
  • how you want your participants / audience to feel after attending.

Knowing what matters most to you, we will then design and plan the meeting with you and agree how best to capture those crucial insights, views and agreements from your attendees.

Public speaking

Maire, FutureSpark Coaching’s Director loves to do what many of us dread, public speaking.  Maire is seasoned member of Toastmasters at an Advanced Speaker level.

Providing a vibrant and motivational input into a team day, event or conference can help to make it a day to remember. FutureSpark Coaching offers talks on a select range of motivational life and leadership topics tailored to your event.

Talks to spark interest and insights

FutureSpark Coaching offers you a choice of personal leadership and team leadership topics talks:

  • Building resilience
  • What makes the best teams
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Authentic leadership
  • Sparking more self-esteem
  • Staying motivated

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