Empowering Participation training

Empowering Participation training

Become skilled in inclusive stakeholder engagement

What is this course about?

Empowering Participation is an immersive one-day course for organisations or groups who want to unlock the best from the people who matter most to them to plan for the future.

In workshops, participants will learn how to approach stakeholder engagement in a radically different way. The course uncovers how you can transform engagement fusing strengths-based approaches, positive psychology and coaching concepts.

Who is this course for?

Empowering Participation is relevant across sectors for groups, organisations, companies and communities whether you are seeking to:

  • Create new services or projects in the most inclusive way
  • Implement a co-design / co-production approach
  • Start a change management initiative
  • Connect widely and positively for organisational development
  • Engage differently with your stakeholders and communities
  • Collaborate effectively to innovate or improve

Learning outcomes

In short, if you are seeking to make positive change in the work you do and involve others meaningfully in the process, Empowering Participation will give you the ‘how to.’ Key learning points include:

  • Connecting decision-making to engagement – charting power and participation
  • Understanding what is a strengths-based approach and what it actually means
  • Using Appreciative Inquiry (AI) concepts and tools as a four-stage model of engagement for transformative change
  • Applying practical facilitation techniques and tools within AI
  • Leading engagement with emotional intelligence

​On the course, you can expect to enjoy interactive group exercises, short presentations, lively discussion and look at models of real-life examples of different engagement approaches.

FutureSpark Coaching can also provide optional follow-up coaching (individual or group) after the course. Coaching can assist you to put learning into action and support your progressive leadership as it engages differently for positive change.

Build on what’s strong, rather than what’s wrong

​Change how you engage…
If you are interested in connecting differently for change, we would love to hear from you.

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