Coaching collaboration

Collaboration is no longer a choice…

Collaboration / co-production with your key stakeholders to ensure that your organisation and services are responsive to their needs is now core to work.

The ability to collaborate and truly engage with your key stakeholders is central to success, high performance and effective leadership.

How to strengthen your collaborations and really engage…

Whether it is embarking on a stakeholder feedback project, developing your strategic plan, launching a consultation or involving others in co-designing new projects, services or solutions; meaningful engagement requires time and dedicated effort.

As thing change so rapidly for organisations and groups, having additional and independent help with facilitating collaborative work or stakeholder engagement can make a huge difference.

With our track record of stakeholder engagement and coaching collaborative projects we make things easier for you by:

  • mapping and prioritising core stakeholders for your important project
  • designing with you effective plans for engagement with your key stakeholders taking the pressure of you
  • saving you time and effort by collecting stakeholder views and insights
  • giving you the confidence that you have sought a diversity of honest views with independent facilitation
  • supporting you with best practice and trusted approaches in stakeholder engagement  (both in-person and virtually)
  • showing your stakeholders that you truly value their involvement by investing in collaboration support

How we can support your collaborative work

  • Planning effective and holistic stakeholder engagement projects with you
  • Facilitating meetings or planning sessions with key stakeholders / potential partners
  • Coaching teams or individuals in key skills and behaviours for collaboration
  • Delivery of talks on collaboration / co-production for teams
  • Training in Empowering Participation which equips participants with core skills in strengths-based approaches for co-production and collaboration
  • Provision of workshops to support leadership development for collaboration
  • Public speaking skills development to represent and promote partnership work

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