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About life coaching…

I reached out to Maire based on her level of experience. I met with her and immediately felt that I could trust her, with her level of confidentiality and professionalism, as well as being a very warm and welcoming person. I had a lot going on in my life and a lot of decisions to make. I felt lost and didn’t know who to turn to. In my sessions with Maire, she was able to find out very quickly who I was, and help me uncover and answer a lot of questions I had for myself, but felt I couldn’t answer. I felt a lack of confidence in myself, and Maire basically transformed my thought process, how I viewed the world, and now I feel like my mind is clearer than ever.  – Richard


About individual leadership coaching…

I am truly grateful to Maire for the coaching sessions we had. Maire provided a confidential and constructive space for me to talk through the challenges I was facing. She was able to help me identify that there were opportunities in these challenges. I always came out of each one of our sessions feeling that I had acquired practical tools for moving forward in my profession and achieving my goals. She is smart, wise, attentive and genuine. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Maire to anyone who wants coaching. – Project Manager


About resilience coaching…

Overall, I was shocked and stunned by the whole thing as I was so blind to any of the things we went over, it was really excellent!!!. I feel like going forward everything we talked about and everything you taught me will have a massive impact on all my life decisions. – Alice

About our Spark workshops…

Maire is an excellent coach who delivered the workshop with such ease and understanding, encouraging all to participate and that it would be beneficial if all staff where to complete this training. – BCP

Maire is very welcoming, is very positive and encouraging and authentic at the same time. The materials and presentation is excellent. The quality of the workshop is brilliant, engaging, relevant and practical. – The Escapists

Maire is excellent at getting points across and makes things clear and easy to understand. I love how examples are given to make things clearer. It was perfect! – Maitri participant


About our Empowering Participation training…

Excellent, very well presented and generated a lot of interest and focus on the task ahead! – Community Co-ordinator

Excellent structure and very worthwhile. – Project Lead

Excellent training session. I am going to ‘live the dream’. Thank you! – Service Manager

This is an excellent approach to positive change management and problem-solving. The facilitation was absolutely excellent in conveying a new way of working very simply and comprehensively (all in a half-day!). Very impressive.  – Head of Service

About our team coaching…

Found Maire’s approach very thorough and useful. We were enabled to tackle difficulties within the team constructively and productively and to link this to the wider work of the organisation. – Communications Manager

Very positive engagement. Constructive discussion and support. Great to take the time to look at where we’re going. Maire you are great at getting people to give their input and to share their views and thoughts. – Project Officer


About our coaching collaboration…

Our Board and team had given such positive feedback on your methodologies and professionalism in how you got the best out of all of us and the other stakeholders (in spite of only being able to use zoom, phone and emails). We acknowledge the developmental and inclusive journey you brought us on these last few weeks Maire. I have learned much from your professionalism which I have banked Thank you! – CEO

Maire, thank you so much for your boundless energy, enthusiasm, advice and expertise. This has been such a valuable piece of co-production work for the centre and for my own professional development. – Service Lead


About our facilitation…

What a great opportunity to get so many groups and people involved in this important work today.  This was such a useful event and so well facilitated. Many thanks! – Assistant Director


I was surprised at what could be achieved with great Zoom facilitation. These stakeholder events have been excellent, well done!  – Quality Improvement Manager


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